Conferences and Public Speaking

I like to talk to people, with people or at people about good stuff; whether that’s sharing new projects, resources, ideas and developments in the world of STEM education or filling people in on what I do, how I do it and we might work together.

These are are some of the events I have been delighted to speak at

  • “Tech Circus ; A fast paced, high action, extravaganza of future technology. “ GESS Global Education Conference, Dubai, UAE
  • Rhythm and Robots – physical programming in EYFS and KS1” JESS Digital Innovation Summit, Dubai, UAE
  • “Digital Tech Integration in the Classroom” MENA Teaching Summit, Dubai, UAE
  • “Integrated Reverse Engineering  for KS1 (K-2)” Middle East & North Africa STEM Summit, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • “Meaningful Greenscreen for 3-5 Year olds” Middle East & North Africa STEM Summit, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • “Promoting questioning and developing student led inquiries” SPARK Event, GEMS Cambridge International, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  •  “Curiosity and Creativity in STEM” SPARK Event, Dubai International School, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • “Outside Science in Irish Curriculum” – Irish Science Teachers Assoc. Primary Science Conference, University College Cork, Ireland
  • “CodeClub; Creative Coding for Kids” – TeachMeet Northampton, University of Northampton, UK
  • “Dirty Stinky Children – Biomedical Science for Kids” – Association for Science Education Teachmeet, Wrenn School, Wellingborough, UK
  • “Digital Media and Art in primary science” – STEM to STEAM Showcase, NN Contemporary Art Gallery, UK
  • “Reawakening Curiosity in the Primary Classroom” – The Education Show, NEC Birmingham, UK
  • “Curiosity Driven Science Education” – Science Specialist Teachmeet, Wellingborough, UK
  • “Creativity in School” – Association Of Science Education Summer Conference, Uni of Hertfordshire, UK
  • “An adventure space for a primary school: A science showman and a school scientist-in-residence on how to waken the inner scientist of every primary-school child” – Sunday Times Festival of Education, Reading, UK
  • “Let the children lead their learning in primary science” – Teachmeet Northamptonshire, University of Northampton, UK
  • “How to reach hard-to-reach audiences with Lab_13” – British Science Association Science Communication Conference, London, UK
  • “The effectiveness of a Lab_13 approach” , British Science Association Science Communication Conference, London, UK

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