Shape Shifting Sun-Screen Panels – Abu Dhabi Architecture

Abu Dhabi is home to some world class Architecture – there are buildings all over the emirate that make you just stop and stare at their beauty and originality. However, we seldom stop to think how ancient Arabic innovations may have influenced these modern works of art.

These beautiful twin office towers in Abu Dhabi borrow from ancient Arabic architectural elements to create an innovative way to shield themselves from sunlight. The two towers are overlaid by a mechanized geometric “skin” with triangular panels that follow the sun to block it out.


The sunscreen design by Aedas Architects was inspired by the masharabiya, a beautiful form of ornate sunscreen that shields windows in the Arab world from glaring sunlight and prying eyes. The screens, controlled by computers. open, close and even travel horizontally to block the sun. The 145m-tall towers underneath, which were completed in 2012, are covered in glass, so the sunscreens reduce sunlight-generated heat in the building by at least 50% and probably help with the air conditioning bill as well!


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