Very First #SPARKevent in Abu Dhabi

logoI am so excited to announce that I, in association with GEMS Cambridge International School, will be hosting the 1st ever SPARK event in Abu Dhabi! SPARKs have been held around the Middle East but never before has Abu Dhabi hosted one and so next November it’s time!

The focus of our SPARK Event is Teaching and Learning ideas applicable from Early Years through primary to secondary. We will be particularly open to innovative ideas in the teaching and use of cross curricular science, technology and maths (STEM) in the classroom.

What is SPARK?

SPARK (Sharing Pedagogy and Refining Knowledge) is a FREE CPD programme that is based on teacher collaboration. SPARK follows the hugely successful TeachMeet concept which is fast becoming globally renowned. The SPARK model involves organised and informal gatherings of teachers aiming to share good practice, provide personal insights and discuss practical innovations that work in the classroom. Each event allows education practitioners to deliver either a 2 minute or 7 minute presentation. Attendees are encouraged to engage through the use of Twitter for back-channelling and Raffle prizes are donated via sponsors. SPARK – Igniting your creativity!

SPARK @ GEMS Cambridge International SchoolWednesday 11th November, from 4pm until 6.30pm approx.

To come along and join in this very exciting first for Abu Dhabi’s education community follow this link



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