Problem Prosecco?

uvaGlera is a white variety of grape of Italian origin. Glera is a grape known to many people but perhaps only by it’s former name; Prosecco. Yes, this grape is responsible for that lovely refreshing sparkling wine Prosecco synonymous with warm summer evenings and outdoor dining with friends. The name Prosecco is believed to be derived from the village Prosecco near Trieste, where the grape originated. It has been proposed that it was cultivated already in Roman times, possibly as the vinum pucinum praised by Pliny the Elder, although that is quite a loose link really. But kind of cool.

ruggeri-prosecco-uvaWhat is not so cool is the Glera grapes have suffered a number of poor seasons and many of the vineyards in the Trieste in Italy are reporting significant losses in crop yield this year. Some experts are warning of a very real possibility of a global shortage of Prosecco from this summer.  Roberto Cremonese, Export Manager of Bisol reports that almost 50% of the crop was lost this year due to environmental factors.

“A lot of the vines in the DOC area are newly planted and they ended up soaked – the grapes were rotten and yields were down by half in some cases.”

As a result of this news, my Facebook feed is full of ladies declaring they have stocked up their Prosecco supply so let’s hope this is just scaremongering by a very clever marketing guru somewhere…


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