MOOC Fever

CE9W1oBW0AAAgEuI think I have MOOC Fever…. MOOCs are Massive Open Online Courses which are open to anyone to join and learn. Recently I have taken part in and Assessment in STEM MOOC and a Community Journalism MOOC so I was delighted to find a MOOC being delivered by the University of Northampton called “Let’s Teach Computing”. I have worked with Helen Caldwell and her team at the Uni before on a creative computing project where science, tech, and art met in a wonderful array of collaborative ideas and resources. So, knowing the fab stuff that her dept is up to I’m really excited about this course and what I can learn for my own personal development but also to see what new ideas I can adapt and introduce into primary computing initiatives over here in UAE.

I’m mostly looking forward to learning about ways to integrate tech into EYFS and KS1 curricula and also ways of improving confidence for teachers delivering the new computing curriculum.  My fave thing at the moment is Augmented Reality apps and using them to embed and integrate learning in a multimedia platform.


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